Making the Most of Your Cloud Investment


If you’re thinking about investing in the cloud, there are a few things to think about before you begin. You want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money and you want to ensure that the security of your investment is up to par.

Paying for cloud security

While the cloud has many benefits for organizations, it’s important to protect data stored there. Cloud security is one of the biggest concerns for IT professionals.

Cloud service providers and clients have a shared responsibility in securing the environment. The Shared Responsibility Model outlines the responsibilities of each party. This model was developed by cloud service providers and industry analysts.

In addition to protecting customers’ privacy and business data, cloud security can reduce ongoing operational costs. Security also provides continuity in the event of an outage.

Many businesses use multiple cloud services. These systems offer an easy way to expand and deploy. However, security can be an issue when scaling up. As a result, it’s crucial to make sure the right users have access to the resources they need.

Cloud security features should be the foundation of a cloud investment. You should look for a provider who will handle all of your security needs. They’ll be able to ensure that you have the right level of security without causing your business to slow down.

Accelerating pace of innovation

The speed of innovation is one of the most important things a business can do. It helps to create more value faster, and build the future of the organization. However, it is not as simple as just investing in a new cloud. You need a fit-for-purpose cloud strategy to make the most of your investment.

Cloud computing is a key part of accelerating the pace of innovation. The benefits of cloud include scalability and agility. This allows companies to respond to consumer demand more quickly. Investing in the cloud can also help improve customer retention.

The challenge for most businesses is to stay on top of a rapidly changing technological landscape. They’re navigating complex technology solutions, and they’re trying to move beyond incremental change to full-throttle innovation.

But, it’s not just technology that’s accelerating the pace of innovation. Several companies are also telling us that they’re changing the way they think about their business. SpaceX, an aerospace company, is a good example of a company that is accelerating the pace of innovation.

Refining and revisiting agreed-upon paths

It’s hard to deny the fact that cloud computing has transformed our lives and businesses in ways big and small. Yet despite the cloud’s obvious benefits and capabilities, many organizations still hesitate to jump on the cloud bandwagon, preferring to remain shackles and tethered to legacy platforms. To get ahead of the pack, some organizations have made the smart choice and are embracing the cloud – albeit on a trial basis. As such, they are well positioned to benefit from the cloud’s nascent resurgence. This is especially true as the industry matures and the cloud-dependent workforce ages. In this context, a company’s technology stack needs to be augmented, not just replaced. Cloud-enabled technologies enable new approaches to business models, reshaping organizations and processes, thereby creating value for shareholders and employees alike. So, if your organization is considering the cloud, be sure to include a multi-year cloud strategy in your budget and planning process.

Atos OneCloud investment

With Atos OneCloud, customers can accelerate their digital transformation and improve business processes. This is achieved by a combination of application modernization, multi-cloud orchestration, decarbonization and automation capabilities. The company will also offer cybersecurity services to help clients secure their Cloud environments.

As an industry leader in cloud services, Atos is committed to the responsible development and adoption of digital technology. With over 11 billion euro in annual revenue and more than 107,000 employees, the French-based company offers a variety of Cloud solutions and services. These include applications, infrastructure, and cybersecurity supervision services.

In November, Atos launched a new framework, Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield, which will allow clients to balance data management from mainframes to the edge. It will also provide them with the capability to comply with escalating data governance requirements.

Atos also recently acquired Nimbix and AppCentrica. They will contribute to accelerating the rollout of Atos OneCloud. Their services will also be available for existing customers.

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