Types of Investment Banking


To invest is to put money into an investment with the hope of a return/profit in the near future. Simply put, to invest simply means owning an investment with the intention of generating a profit or an income from the investment over a defined period of time. The investment could be money in a savings account, bonds, stocks or property. You could also invest in any or all of these assets.

There are many different types of investments, some of which will be beneficial to the long term investors while others are geared more towards short term profit. Some investments are geared towards paying taxes while others can be seen as an opportunity for building wealth. The types of investments available for long term investors are:

Bond Investments – These types of investments pay fixed returns on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Bond yields vary and are affected by the ups and downs of the overall market. These investments offer a low risk alternative to equities. While returns tend to remain stable, they do not offer high returns on a per share basis. There is also the potential for losses to offset the returns over time if the market does not perform according to expectations.

Saving and Insurance Investments – These include saving accounts, life insurance and stocks certificates. Saving accounts allow you to build capital that can be used to make money when times get bad or when interest rates fall. Life insurance allows you to insure against loss of life, as well as pay off debts when you pass away.

Wealth Building & Retirement – This type of investment banking is designed to ensure that you build wealth over the long term and can afford to live comfortably after retirement. These types of investments allow you to invest for your future and can yield higher returns. This involves building a portfolio consisting of stocks and bonds, savings accounts, estate, foreign bonds and other assets. While they do have high risks, they also offer a significant level of safety and security. These investments offer the most comprehensive opportunity to build wealth.

All of these types of investment options can produce varying levels of returns. As with any investment, returns should be seen over the long term. Investment decisions should be made with a long term investor in mind. An investment manager can help to guide you as you make investment decisions and can provide advice if you are unsure about making a decision regarding which investment to make.

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